Web Design & Web Development – 6 Easy Ways to Create a Website

1. Invent your concept and ideas. Picture what you want your potential website to be. Which customers will you supply to? All that you do needs to be to their liking. They will be calling by to get what they want. Make sure that there needs are satisfied and they keep coming back for more. Not only that, they will advise others to visit your website if they think it’s of importance.

2. Search for a host. Using a host really is inexpensive. And yet, if you want to do this completely free, there are numerous sites that are hosting for free. The one catch is that the hosting company requires that you place their banner on your site. This is a great deal, isn’t it?

3. Begin with your first page. Prepare the layout and design for your page one. It would be worth your while if you have the fundamentals in HTML. Even if there are tons of What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors, using HTML will create a much better website. Many tutorials are on offer on the web. Learn as much as possible and transfer your knowledge to go towards your site.

4. Revise your page. View the loading and the navigation. Are they successful? How about the web design? Is it attractive to the eye? Is the content helpful? Are the fonts readable? Are there any errors in the spelling and grammar? Attention to detail is very highly important. These are tiny details but they form the entire website. Be watchful in dealing with them. If you require redoing the page do it. It’s catastrophic if you are showing junk.

5. Continue on to the rest of the pages. The objective is to draw visitors, hold them and get more. Fix, proofread and fix again. It’s going to pay off to have the whole thing sorted. Under no circumstances ever skimp on the quality standard of your site. It is your company’s sales representative. It’s what will draw new customers and hold existing ones that ultimately make you profit.

6. Upload the pages to your host. Once you are finished with the editing, you can upload you pages to your host. Wait for it to be revealed on the internet. You do need to update your pages frequently. You need to be updated so you don’t lose your audience. Or else, prospects will go on and search for another website that will fulfil their requirements. Do you want this to happen? I’m guessing not.